Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Cali some more - Day Four

Some days we’d dine out, but eat in on some nights,
We bought candy and cookies and all sorts of delights.
Sandwiches with baguette, and salami and cheese,
Were delicious and easy, and cut back on our fees.
But at the deli counter, when I ordered in grams,
The guy there looked stumped, he asked “pardon ma’am?”
Oh yeah! they’re not how else do I order
This cold cut salami here below the border?...
…(The sandwiches were made, turned out very nice,
Instead I just figured, I’ll order by slice!)
Then at the motel, in true picnic style,
We ate and drank beer and hung out for a while.


  1. Awesome posts Shen! Really like the style of the Califonia drawings!

  2. Your poem is ridiculous. I love it haha.