Friday, June 22, 2012

Bygone Bounce

Bygone Bounce from Shen Ramu on Vimeo.

My best friend is moving to a new city to start a new chapter of her life...this is yet another part of growing up and a stage we all must go through. However, I hope that despite the new responsibilities, complications, and practicality of "adult-hood" we all will experience, that a bit of childhood is always kept at heart (and manages to surface every now and then!)

This weekend we will celebrate her last couple days here for a while, so for now, I leave you with a short film I which I've tried to capture moments of childhood - the "ups" and the "downs" - and hope that we never lose that carefree, fun, child-like state of mind.

Have a great weekend everyone :)


  1. So cute as always <3 Love the film and you have a great weekend too! :D

  2. I loved this film! It was one of my favourites at the screening! Even the music is fantastic