Thursday, November 24, 2011

Pink Ladies

Recently watched both Chicago and Burlesque..jazzy music, sweet costumes..this was the doodling outcome.

*Update: since i needed to do some warm-up drawing before animating, i decided to re-visit this sketch..i definitely did not push the poses enough, so here's another attempt, a WIP - also cartoonized the gals a little bit more..might even take one more stab at it later on, after all, a pose can never be pushed my opinion.


  1. I think the WIP is great! You could even look into pushing them more with some more extreme straights and curves.

    I really like to look at Bll Presing's stuff ( when I'm drawing ladies. ;) Unfortunatley you have to click through until like last year's stuff for anything decent... (

  2. Thanks guys :) and thanks for the link nichole-it's awesome!