Wednesday, November 4, 2009

long time no post..

These are character designs from our 2nd assignment..the goal: to make them contrast one another...(can you spot all the contrasting features?)
These two will soon appear in an animation project involving walk and run cycles.
..comments, critiques???


  1. so awesome shen!! i can't believe you created something that isn't cute!!! but the girly totally makes up for it because she's super adorable!

  2. actually im glad you made a non-cute character, cuz cute characters are shallow and boring (normally), and we've all seen enough disney flicks full of cutesy characters. i think in profile view, his cheek would go in front and cover up a part of his eye, and his hand seems to cover the buttoned area which isnt consistent with the front view...but thats just picky haha umm also it might be easier to animate him if he had a more established ribcage/pelvis. I designed a character with a similar circular shaped body last year, and enzo said it reminded him of cartoons from the 30s, while today most characters would have a ribcage and a pelvis. but obviously there's always exceptions. anyway i hope that was helpful and doesnt sound mean cuz its not supposed to :) have a good weekend. p.s it'd be cool to see more quirky characters!

  3. Thanks for all the input Noam! as for the quirky characters, they're always harder to come by, for me anyway..but he was actually more fun to design than her, so yeah it's a good call.