Wednesday, June 17, 2009


..and by hooters I mean owls..what else!

I wanted to test out some brushes on Photoshop, because I havnt been one to use many when working on one piece, so these were more experimental for me as opposed to a final piece. Don't remember how I came to choose owls as the subject matter, but once I started I really liked how unique (and in some cases complex) their feathers are. I drew a few, but these are my two favorties..and as for the background, yes it's a lame flower brush but I liked the effect it gave, contrasting the realistic owls with the retro design.


  1. lol im glad you remarked upon this post title cuz i was JUST gonna mention. hah fun with scatter and stuff eh? loooking good. only question, why the pixelation in the brushes? im guessing its photoshop and their small brush defaults? ugh. so annoying eh? they should be higher res.

  2. thanks.
    and yeah the pixilation is cuz i used the default brushes, and i blew up their size a lot..also, i worked fairly quickly on these, didn't spend more than 40 mins on them..(which still isnt speed painting, but to touch them up i'd definitely need to put in more time)