Monday, February 23, 2009

The Pinkest Of Panthers

Done the Pink Panther assignment using my Pink Panther walk cycle animation, Photoshop, and Digital Pro.
He may have turned out a bit too pink than normal..but perhaps that is why the pantherettes adore him so.


  1. ahahah shen i love the lurking females.

  2. thanks nicole :) i wanted to make him seem like even more of a stud.

  3. wow...he's being watched by lady panthers. rearowww! I know i tried to send this file to a friend so he could see it but the file size was huge. did it take long to post it here because of the size?

  4. yeah it takes a good couple minutes to load, but it's seems it's the only way to display your work becasue all our projects are way to huge to send via email.